Saturday, May 8, 2010

I am ONE with Be Yoga

Today I was presented with a certificate by Be Yoga for having completed my 1-year membership with them. How time flies, I remember getting an email from Azmi last year informing on the opening of Be Yoga and going there to have a look at the studio which was still under renovation. I had not hesitated to sign up for a 1-year membership with Be Yoga even after the YZ fiasco as I have confidence in the management of Be Yoga.

Although it is only one year since Beyoga started operations, I have gained so much from being a member there. So many new friendships were formed with my fellow practitioners, sharing and getting to know each other better after class in the shower room or at the mamak shop next door while having drinks or “makan” after class and having a regular practice with a group of Ashtanga “kakis” who come either for the Thursday evening or Sunday morning class.

I also went to my first yoga retreat in Bali in February this year with Azmi and some of the Be Yoga members and had such an enlightening and wonderful time there.

My yoga practice has grown stronger and more focused under the tutelage of my beloved teachers at Beyoga. Under the guidance of Azmi, I am growing more and more confident in trying and doing difficult poses such as learning to let go of the fear of falling by focusing on my breath and finding my center of gravity in headstand and keeping my core strong and lifting my hips up when I am in Bakasana and Tittibhasana to ensure that I do not fall on my butt and learning to jump (or step back) from the pose.

I love going to Lila’s classes as she always ask what we need after a day sitting at the office and fighting traffic to go to class after work. Her shoulder and hip opening poses and hamstring stretches help to ease those tense and tight muscles. I have also been going to Lila’s Begin classes as I believe in “going back to the basics” to ensure that my alignment for the poses are correct and her use of blocks and the strap help to deepen and enhance my poses. I also learn to recognize my limitations in doing certain poses and instead, do the variation given for the pose to receive the same benefits.

I see myself progressing most this year with Be Yoga as it has been full of new personal discoveries especially connecting my yoga practice with life lessons on letting go, acceptance and setting intentions which are in harmony with who I am. How we do our yoga poses in class sometimes mirror how we lead our lives. When our confidence rests in the way we look in the pose and what others think of us, it is the same as how our sense of security is affected by how other people see us and how we feel that we must have certain material things to be accepted by society. Learning to accept who we are and learning to let go in matters that are beyond our control and stepping back to look within ourselves for inner peace will help to keep us to feel centered and be a much happier person.

I have just renewed a 1-year membership with Be Yoga and am looking forward to the new classes to be introduced during the year which will include Ashtanga Intermediate Series, MySore and Ropes Yoga, the workshops and especially the Yoga Retreat in November.

To a great year ahead and Happy Birthday, Be Yoga!

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