Sunday, February 27, 2011

I GET TO (an inspired post)

After reading Live.Love.Yoga Blog’s post on I Get To, I was inspired to write this post.   It got me thinking about how I can treat this episode of my tennis elbow injury into something positive by listing out all the things I get to do from it. 

I GET TO  receive advice, reassurance and support from my teachers and friends when ever I lamented on my elbow acting up and that I can’t do some of the yoga poses.

I GET TO know more about the body anatomy when I do my research on tennis elbow. 

I GET TO know the staff and other patients and have become friends with them while waiting for my turn for the acupuncture treatment at the clinic.

I GET TO clear the toxins in my body as I take the Chinese medicines and undergo the diet restriction.

I GET TO learn how to really listen to my body more and be more aware how some movements affect my elbow when I practice now as I am still recovering from the elbow injury.

And I GET TO learn to be patient and kind to myself. 

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