Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Yoga Challenge Pose - Handstand

I have decided that I would work on my Handstand and it will be my challenge pose for this month.  For me, a challenge pose is one that I  always have difficulty going into and I hope that by working on it during the month, I would learn to execute it.

Handstand has always been a pose that seems out of my reach as I can never do a proper kick up at the wall.   I have been having trouble finding my dominant leg for the lift off and ended up jumping with both legs at the same time and not getting anywhere.  I have been doing Handstand in some of the classes but it has always been with Azmi’s help to pull me into the pose from a bunny hop.   

At last Friday’s Dynamic class, I finally managed to find my dominant leg for the kick off which is my left leg.   I worked on lifting my left leg while keeping my right knee bend and practice hopping towards the wall.  I couldn’t manage to get my legs to go all the way up to the wall but I could feel my legs almost touching the wall.    The good news is that I did manage to lift my legs all the way to the wall during the Forearm Handstand after Azmi’s reminded me not to push my shoulders forward past my hands.   

I will be working on my Handstand and hopefully with constant practice, I will be able to get both my legs to go up all the way to the wall and ultimately the goal would be to be able to lift both legs away from the wall and hold in the Handstand.   Meanwhile, I found this wonderful post from Kathryn Budig at the Yoga Journal website with great tips on how to do the Handstand.  I will also be keeping in mind this challenge tip from the Yoga Journal 21-day Challenge newsletter. 

“When working through a challenging posture, try to reframe your thinking from doing the pose (active) to receiving it (passive). Every pose contains information that your body understands. When you allow yourself to step back from the thinking mind, from effort and force, you create the conditions for your body to hear the information it needs.” 

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