Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inspiring Yoga Teacher

"When I look at life I see two options. Either to participate in my own inner development, through awareness and practice, and allow grace to take over or to just get up and go on with the day, where the subtle law of gravity takes over. Go away for a year and leave your car in your driveway. No care or attention given to it. Come back and examine its state. It will have deteriorated no matter what. But if someone is to start the engine every few days and polish it it will work pretty similar to the level at when you left. It, however, is a mechanical device and can't be changed in its current state. We on the other hand are conscious organic beings. When we work on ourselves we not only keep ourselves fresh but we grow." - Paul Dallaghan from his article "Why Do I Practice?" at Centred Yoga website.

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