Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wisdom from Yoga ..for Life

I had the opportunity to attend Alex Atherton’s classes when he was a guest teacher at Yoga Zone. I find him to be very passionate about his teaching and I always hope that I would be able to attend his classes again. 

So it was wonderful to know that he is one of the teachers featured in the book "Wisdom from yoga…for life"by Andrea Klein.

Below is the preview of the book and I am sure you will find the teachers featured as inspiring as I have.

Below is one of the many inspiring quotes from the book.

"Ask yourself "Where am I in the pose? How do I approach the pose?"
The parts you grip, and the parts of yourself you hold tight: you will keep practicing that way until told otherwise.
So question and notice all your movements and transitions.
As soon as you question, then you are aware, and that's when you transform!"
- Christine Price Clark 

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