Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ashtanga Led2 on Thursday - My Favourite Night of the Week

This beautiful poem by John Martin from Poetry for Your Soul put into words how I feel going to my yoga class on Thursdays; practicing along side my Ashtanga buddies  with our teacher, Azmi Samdjaga leading the class. Namaste.

Work has finished for yet another day
And I set off home, but not to stay
Tonight is my favourite night of the week
The night I always look forward to, and seek
Ninety minutes of yoga movement, and quiet meditation
All combined to create a beautiful feeling of deep relaxation
As the class slowly moves along, from the start to the end
The worries and concerns from the past week, do gradually mend
A feeling of joy and lightness fills my body, mind and soul
And I am overcome with a feeling of being expansive, open and whole
The whole world around me seems so clear and bright
And everything I cast my eyes on, is such a beautiful sight
By the finish of the session, I am happy and invigorated
And my need for calm and inner peace is pleasantly sated.
As I leave the classroom feeling healthy and content, not sore
I eagerly look forward to next week, and coming back once more.

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