Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yoga To Me

1) What has been the main concern in your yoga practice? 
My main concern would be how I sometimes let my ego takeover especially when I want to let the teacher see that I can do the pose and risk myself getting injured.

2) What are the demands in your view that the students today are looking for? 
I believe students who really want to learn yoga would look for a teacher who can give clear instructions on the execution of the poses and one who listens and know how not push them beyond their limit until they are ready. 

3) How do you measure your progress in a yoga practice?
I measure my progress by the little achievements such as being able to hold my breath longer in the pose, twisting deeper, lifting higher and being able to still my mind and focus on my breathing. 

4) What do you look for when practicing Yoga?
I look for ways in which I can integrate the techniques that I learned from my own research which can help me to execute the pose better and safer. I also look forward to the high energy level of a practice where the breath and the poses are in sync.

5) How long do you think one needs to practice to see a shift or change in oneself?
I don't think there is a specific time frame to see a shift or change in oneself.  It depends on the individual as there are many reasons why someone took up yoga in the first place.  I think someone who has a regular yoga practice will see a shift in oneself faster than someone who treats yoga as an exercise.  

6) What are the myths you hear about yoga? 
That you must be very flexible to do the yoga poses in order for you to contort your body into the poses and learning yoga can make you deviate from your religion.

7) How do you convince someone to take up yoga? 
I think my friends noticed the change in me after I started taking up yoga and when they asked me about it, I will tell them the benefits and suggest that they go for a trial class. 

8) What is more important? Strength or Flexibility?
Strength.  Although flexibility is also important, strength will help to keep the body safe.   People who are flexible sometimes rely on their flexibility to get into poses without utilizing those muscles to help them keep the integrity of the pose.

9) What is your greatest achievement in yoga?
Learning to let go on matters that are beyond my control and to have compassion for others and knowing that I will always have my practice to fall back on whenever I need solace.

10) What inspires you?
Learning from teachers who are passionate about their practice and who share their experience by writing blog posts which bring insights on how to bring the yoga teachings off the mat.  

11) What is Yoga to you?
Yoga to me is a journey of personal transformation as I find my inner self through acceptance and awareness.  

"Sometimes in the practice of yoga, you can get frustrated and wonder "Am I getting anywhere?  But even when you think nothing is happening, something is happening.  Practice isn't always easy.  But the practice leads to deeper things, one by one" - Ruth Lauer-Manenti

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