Thursday, May 1, 2014

Notes from my practice - Be Consistent

It has been almost five months since I last posted on this blog about my practice.   I guess it's because I have not been practicing consistently for the past few months.  I have been skipping classes and my practice has become quite stagnant and even deteriorating as I am having difficulty doing some of poses which I could do before.

One of the reasons I have been skipping classes is due to the ever-changing of teachers at Chi Fitness where I am practicing.   Having got used to practicing with one teacher when I first started practicing yoga, I find it difficult to adapt to the style of some of the teachers.   I would give myself a reason to skip the class if I don't feel like going to the teacher's class. I know that the problem lies with me and not with the teacher because whenever I do go to class, I always feel good after.    

I have been looking for inspiration to come back to my practice and thanks to the articles below posted by these inspiring yoga teachers, I am starting back on my yoga journey knowing that it's all up to ME to make it work. 

David Garrigues's Asana: The First Limb of Ashtanga Yoga 

Peg Mulqueen's Parampara: How important is the teacher/student relationship?

And this status update posted by Jason Crandell on his FB page will serve as a constant reminder for my practice.

"In order to strengthen and open your body, you have to be consistent in your practice.  In order to be consistent, you have to be honest and realistic with yourself about how much intensity is truly sustainable for you.  Challenge yourself to practice in a way that you can truly come back to time and time again."

I am also looking forward to attending Matthew Sweeney's workshop in Jakarta in June 2014 which I hope will help me find back the passion for my practice.

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