Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yoga and Life

Yoga has really bring a lot of changes to my life. When I first started my yoga practice, it was because I wanted to do some exercise since I am glued to my chair for more than 8 hours per day. I can still remember my first yoga class, trying to follow the poses the teacher was doing and ending with aches all over after the class. After going for a few classes, realised the importance of the breathing for each poses, inhaling and exhaling for the sun salutation sequence.

Having practise yoga for more than a year now, I am discovering that it is in our mindset that we think we can't do a lot things. My approach to the asanas mirrored my approach to life. Sometimes, I am not willing to do some of the poses because I feel that I am not able to do them, but with the proper breathing and guidance from the teacher, I am able to go into the postures.

As in life, we are not willing to go to places we have never been to because we are afraid of what we will find there. If we are more adventurous and willing to take the risks, there is often a greater opportunity for success!

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