Monday, August 4, 2008

Letting Go

When I attend Teacher Azmi’s yoga class, he will always ask us to "let go" as we go deeper into our asanas. Letting go will create a space in our mind and body, allowing us to accept and observe the changes that is going on in our body instead of focusing on the discomfort that is caused by the pose. When we keep focusing on the discomfort, we tend to tense up, hold our breath and want to come out of the pose.

In life, we tend to hold on to things or thoughts that will always bring negative feelings to our mind. We will let it fester in our mind until we get depressed and sad. When we let go, we will be able to look at it from another prospective, seeing the positive side and how the problem can be solved. Letting go allows us to accept the problem and think of ways to overcome it.

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