Monday, August 18, 2008

Yoga and Awareness

Last Saturday, I attended Azmi’s Karma Yoga workshop where he enlightened us on how to improve our yoga practice. He told us that he has seen some yoga practitioners remaining stagnant in their yoga practice even though they have been practicing for several years. This is because they have not learned to let go which is to focus awareness on their body which will help them to progress further in their yoga practice.

During the workshop, I learned that the first thing I should be aware of when going into any asana is to have a firm foundation to ensure that my body is grounded for the pose. Awareness of my breathing to the various parts of my body will help to create space to open the tight spots in my body as well as having a correct alignment for the poses. Having a “drishti” or gazing point for each pose is important to help me remain still and focus. I also learned that locking my bandha in the asana will help to lighten the other parts of my body especially for the arm balancing poses.

At the workshop, Azmi took us through practice sessions encompassing the above to let us feel the difference in our practice. He also informed us that in order for us to be more aware of our body, it is important to have a self-practice.

During the practice sessions, I noticed that when I closed my eyes in a pose, I could feel my body swaying. I know that this is because I did not let go for fear of falling. This fear of falling has resulted in me not being able to go further when I am doing some of the poses in my yoga practice. Because of this, I am still struggling to raise my legs in my tripod headstand and am still looking down instead of looking up during my bakasana. I know that the only way I can conquer this fear of falling is to learn to let go and allow my breath and awareness to takeover.

I hope that I will be able to bring this awareness into my yoga practice and will try to do self-practice whenever I am not able to go for my yoga classes so that I can take my yoga further.

Thank you, Azmi for inspiring me to take my yoga practice further with this workshop. Namaste.

Don’t be afraid if things seem difficult in the beginning. That’s only the initial impression. The important thing is not to retreat; you have to master yourself” – Olga Korbut

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Mun said...

Great blog you have and glad to know that you enjoy practicing yoga. Keep it up.