Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Many times when I attend a Hatha 1 class, the teacher would ask if anyone is new to Yoga in the class. Very often, there would be at least one or two persons in the class who has never done any yoga before; coming into a class which is actually an intermediate class.

I feel that in order for a newcomer to Yoga to attend the Hatha 1 class, she must at least have attended a few Element classes. The Element classes provide a fundamental introduction to the yoga poses. The teacher will go through the basic postures, providing guidance for correct alignment and breathing technique.

In practicing yoga, there should not be any shortcuts. Without learning the correct techniques and having the correct alignment, the practitioner is only causing more harm to herself. We hear practitioners complaining of injuries from yoga which is actually due to repetition of doing poses incorrectly.

Many times in life, we also tend to take shortcuts. We will find ways to shorten our journeys, not realizing that we are missing the beautiful sceneries along the longer route.

When we take shortcuts to accomplish something, we will not enjoy the reaps of our success as much as when we have work hard to get it. Sometimes, when we take shortcuts, we might end up on a dead-end or have to start all over again.

"People create their own success by learning what they need to learn and then by practicing it until they become proficient at it." - Brian Tracy


Henry Tong said...

Very cool site. I like your linkages to words of wisdom and motivational phrases. For example:

In life, we tend to hold on to things or thoughts that will always bring negative feelings to our mind. We will let it fester in our mind until we get depressed and sad. When we let go, we will be able to look at it from another prospective, seeing the positive side and how the problem can be solved. Letting go allows us to accept the problem and think of ways to overcome it.

I leave you with this... to blend it into Yoga.

"Some look at things that are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not?"

George Bernard Shaw

azmiyogi said...

Namaste everyone. I know its already 1.36am and I was not able to sleep. I then decided that this is a really good opportunity to sit down and reflect in life. My life.
As it happens, I eventually found myself meditating. To what? I wasn't sure. But one thing I got after that 15 minutes or so of meditation is this sense of space and lightness. An awareness to simply accept the abundance of life and the privilege of living. A fortune of having treasured friends and people who care for us.
When I think about it, I was actually just sitting there listening to whatever sounds that come and be still with my breath. It was amazing how this silence can change things. Our attitude, our way of thinking, our perception of life and the way we want to live it. Just imagine if we all can do this EVERY day, what joyful journey we would have towards life's destination - Happiness.