Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Naming Your Yoga Poses

Cat...cow...crane....cobra...child's pose.....especially for a new yogi, it is sometimes quite difficult to remember the names of all the yoga poses. It gets even more confusing when the teacher says the Sanskrit name of the pose. You are completely lost and have to look at the other practitioners to see which pose you are suppose to be doing.

I found this great website which has a game called ConcentratiÕm to test your memory skills and yoga knowledge by matching the photo of the pose to the name of the pose. When you match the correct name to the pose, it will display the description of the pose and its benefits together with the name of the pose in Sanskrit. You can play the game again and again as there are new poses each time you play. This is a fun way to remember the name of the poses as well as giving your brain cells a workout too. Try it out and see how you fare!

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