Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chakrasana in Ashtanga Led

I have been going to Ashtanga Led classes at Beyoga with Azmi and we have been doing most of the poses in the Primary series and some of the poses from the Intermediate series. One of the poses that I am still having difficulty doing is Chakrasana. This pose is a backward roll which is a transition pose from lying on your back to going to Chaturanga Dandasana.

I always get stuck halfway and Azmi has to help me to roll over. I been trying to roll over on my own and because I doing it very slowly, Azmi said that I am using a lot strength from mula bandha to help me to roll over. Instead, I should be using momentum to help me lift off for the rollover. I tend to tense up and sometimes end up rolling to one side instead of straight over. I also noticed that my legs are bend when I am over instead of straight which is not good as I may end up hurting my knees.

How to do the Pose

1. Lie on your back.

2. Hands under shoulders just like in wheel pose.

3. Roll your feet over your head and touch the ground with your flexed toes.

(note: if you can’t touch your feet, you’re not ready for this transition posture)

4. On the 3rd trial roll, rock a little faster, push hard into your hands, and go all the way over.

I have been surfing the net and found this nice video on how to do the Chakrasana.

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