Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Not To Wear To A Yoga Class

The other day while waiting for our class to start, another practitioner and I were sitting at the sofa outside one of the studios where a class had started. The door of the studio was opened and we were just looking into class when both of us saw something that had us feeling disgusted and uttering OMG!

It was from one of the practitioners who was in the easy sitting pose and her back was facing us as she was sitting directly in front of the door. What we saw was half of her exposed butt as her pants had slide down halfway.

The above incident has prompted me to write this post as I would like to let other practitioners know how they can unconsciously exposed themselves when they wear the wrong type of clothing to a yoga class.

So what are the clothes you should not wear to a yoga class?

1.Don’t wear low hipster pants as they will tend to slide down when you are in some of the poses and thus, exposing your butt.
2.Don’t wear baggy T-shirts. In inversion poses, the shirt will fall over your face, revealing your mid-section or more.
3.Don’t wear loose bra tops if you are heavy on top. Your breasts might just spill out in some of the poses.
4.Don’t wear loose workout shorts (this is especially for the men), for obvious reasons.
5.Don’t wear skin-tight leggings, they tend to ride up or down to awkward locations especially when you are in some of the lying poses. Certain body parts also get highlighted by the stretchy and clinging material.

And, please wear underwear under your outfit, especially if you have on tight-fitting clothes.

Those yoga practitioners who are inadvertently exposing their privates are not only embarrassing themselves, but they are also showing disregard to the yoga instructor and their fellow practitioners.

There are many yoga apparels available for sale in the market. You do not have to buy branded yoga clothing as they can be quite expensive. Just get something that will make you feel comfortable while keeping you decent at the same time. You can read the article Yoga Clothes – What Not To Wear for some tips on choosing the right type of yoga apparel for yourself.


Anonymous said...


I've been following your blog for the last 6 mths. Dun stop blogging just bcoz there are no comments following your post. I particularly love reading about the challenges that you met in your daily yoga routine, your observation of fellow yogis, your sharing of thoughts and opinions etc. That is to say, the more you put in personal touch & experience, the more real and human your post becomes. And the more I can relate myself to the topic of your blog. As a fellow yogi, I would have observed a lot of things within the four corners of my yoga mat, some funny, some annoying, some down right outrageous, some simply incomprehensible. That goes not only with what happen 'outside' but also 'inside' within my mat and my body as I go thru the routine practice and the challenges I face. It feels good when I realized that there is a fellow yogi out there actually understand and literally sharing to the world those 'feelings'. I will keep coming back, hoping for something new every time, on your keep up the good blog. I love your highlight on What NOT to wear to yoga class this round coz it's just so candid and trust have not seen the worst, yet.

Mandy said...

One other important thing NOT to wear...Perfume. It is so distracting to breathe deeply and be suffocated by someone's smell!

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