Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yoga Dance with Lila

Tomorrow I will be going to the yoga dance class with Lila. I find that many practitioners do not want to attend the yoga dance classes as they are afraid that they will have difficulty doing the dance steps as they might have coordination problems. I am pretty uncoordinated myself, but I decided to go for the yoga dance classes as I find the classes fun and a way for me to learn to let go of my inhibitions.

At Beyoga, the yoga dance classes are taught by Azmi and Lila. I had been attending Azmi’s classes until they were changed to a later timing which is not suitable for me. I have since been attending Lila’s classes which are an energetic fusion of flowing Hatha yoga and dance steps. Her choreography routines have lots of fluid movement. There is a routine which we end up rolling on the floor before pushing ourselves to a sitting position. This routine really works our core muscles. I find the class very invigorating as we always have a very good workout by the end of the class.

Come join us for the class, you will be surprised!

Just when you thought you knew yoga, you discover a whole new way to experience it.

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mang0 said...

I tried yoga dance once with Azmi (old times back in YZ), and it was great!