Friday, August 21, 2009

Yoga Music Concert with Daphne Tse

Yesterday night, I had my first Kirtan yoga practice with Daphne Tse. “Kirtan is a yoga practice that reveals the heart, when we chant we are tearing open our chests to reveal what is within. We are going on a journey together when we chant” – Jai Uttal.

Before the start of the Kirtan session, Daphne had joined the Hatha class and she was practicing along side with us. Daphne’s soaring voice took over with a blissful chant of her song “Magnificence” while we lay in savasana. It was a preview to what was to come.

The Kirtan practice started with Daphne explaining to us that she would perform the call by singing one line or verse of the chant and we were to response in style. To make the experience more meaningful and enhanced our appreciation of the kirtan, Daphne had explained the meaning behind each of the mantras before the start of each song.

The songs we sang during the night were chants to remove obstacles from our path, opening our creativity, paying tribute to our mother and giving peace, joy and love to all and they include “Saraswati Mata” and “Magnificence”.

As the walls of the studio resonate with the serene music and singing, I can feel a state of inner peace and sublime happiness from the practitioners.

After the session ended, I was still singing along to the songs as I played Daphne’s CD on my drive home.

Daphne will be performing at SunYogaKL on Saturday, 22 August 2009 from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm. You can contact Indra at for further details.

This is the wordings on the inspirational card that I picked up from the stack that Daphne passed around to us before the practice.

“My imagination is a most powerful tool for creation”

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yoga and wellness said...

Attended another great session with Daphne today at SunYogaKL. Today Daphne told us about the tones of the seven chakras and taught us how to hum the tones to open up and balance the chakras.

If you want to know more about the chakra tones you can check out this website