Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Hour Yoga

If you have been looking at Beyoga schedule for this month, you would have noticed that there is a Happy Hour Yoga class on Friday at 7 pm with Lila. You must be wondering "What is this Happy Hour Yoga class?"

Tonite, I went for the first class thinking that it would be a Yoga Dance class since Lila had told us that we might be doing the yoga dance class as our Yoga Dance class on Mondays had been pulled out from the schedule. I even wore my yoga dance pants, the pants are good for sliding on the floor as some of the poses in yoga dance needs us to do a 360 degree turn rolling on the floor.

Well, Lila had to change the class at the last minutes as she could not play any music due to some technical problems. She started the class with us sitting in a circle and putting one hand on our heart and the other hand on the back of the person next to us as we chanted three “OMs”, feeling the sound vibrating around us.

We did a few rounds of Iyengar style sun salulations before Lila got us to do some partner yoga poses where we stretch our shoulders, hamstrings and calf muscles with the help of our partner.

It was then back to our own mats to do the poses which incorporate what we did in the partner yoga poses as Lila asked us to apply the techniques while doing the pose on our own.

The stretching poses really helped to relieve the tension from my body from sitting at my office desk hunching over the computer all day and driving through the heavy traffic going to class.

But what really helped to release the final bit of tension from my body was the laughing meditation before savasana. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful class.

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