Friday, March 19, 2010

Inspiring Blog Posts from Sadie Nardini

I have been reading Sadie Nardini’s blog posts in Yoga Journal’s Yoga Diary and have found them very inspiring. Sadie’s posts give insight into how yoga can transform our lives. When I read her posts, I can relate to the subject as her posts talk about how we sometimes hold ourselves back in our yoga practice as well as in life. Many a times we spend all our time and energy trying to accommodate other people’s needs, leaving ourselves drained and frustrated.

Sadie gives examples of how the teachings of yoga can lead us to change our perspective and transform ourselves into the next level.

Her blog post on “Rocking Your Abhyasa” talks about being ready when we are called into action. By developing a consistent yoga routine and facing every yoga pose and moment when we feel challenged is an opportunity for us to become the most of ourselves. When we can do this, our dharma (life’s path) – the things we are called to do will be easier as we have all the tools ready for us to rock it. It is the same in life, if we want something in our life, we have to work at it, whether it is the dream job that we have always wanted or the promotion we think we deserve.

Reading her blog posts have helped to motivate and encourage me in pursuing my passion for yoga further and bringing what I learn into my daily life.

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