Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Journey Begins - Setting An Intention

I bought the book “The Pure Heart of Yoga – Ten Essential Steps for Personal Transformation” by Robert Butera after reading Yoga Flavored Life blog post on it. Her blog post on how the book gave her guidance and direction caught my interest.

I have been practicing yoga for about 3 years and the question she posed “do you deeply truly understand why to do yoga?” struck a chord with me as I may have learned how to do yoga but I have never really look into why I am doing yoga besides the health benefits derived from it although yoga has helped to change my perspective.

The Pure Heart of Yoga is an experiential book that gives me the tools and structure I need to direct my own journey to discovery. The book comes with a Workbook Companion which can be downloaded at PureHeartofYoga website and I am supposed to record my insights and thoughts as I go through the steps for my transformation.

I have started on Step One – Intention (Samkalpa) and have chosen an area in my life where I would like to set an intention. I am now focusing on that intention as I practice my yoga poses and noting down my experience in my journal.

Tonight was my first class since I set my intention and as I do the yoga poses I found myself being more focus in my breath in each pose. I also noticed that the poses become easier as the breath and movement are in harmony and I have better control in my balance.

“Personalising your intention empowers your life”

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