Thursday, June 17, 2010

Listening To Your Body

Do you listen to your body? What I mean is do you notice when your body is telling you that it needs a rest such as when you suddenly have a sore throat even though you have not eaten any fried or spicy food?

Yesterday when I woke up, my throat was feeling so dry and there seems to be something blocking the throat passage which I couldn’t clear. I realized that I was having a sore throat and made some of my sore throat remedy to drink. It helped to soothe the throat but I was still feeling the dryness in my throat when I went for my Ashtanga Led 2 class in the evening. Throughout my practice, I was not feeling the energy and flow and I couldn’t bind my hands in Marichyasana D and Pasasana as I couldn’t use my breath to help me in the pose. My Ujjayi breath was not smooth and felt constricted and my throat felt very dry.

I decided not to go to my yoga class today as I am still having the sore throat. I know my body is telling me that it needs to rest as I have been going to class almost every day and I have also been keeping late nights as I had stayed up to watch a Taiwanese series and was not getting enough sleep.

It’s a wonder how our body works. Do you notice when your body starts to complain? It could be an ache that suddenly develops out of nowhere or falling sick when you were feeling ok the previous day.

Many a times, if you look back on the times you fell sick, it would most probably be that you had tired or put too much stress on yourself and it’s your body mechanism telling you that it needs a rest. So watch out for the little signals your body is giving and give it a rest before a minor problem becomes a big one.

Increase your sensitivity to and awareness of the true needs of your body by listening to it and give it the due respect it deserves!

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