Monday, December 27, 2010

True discipline is just self-remembering, no forcing is necessary

My yoga practice gets waylaid by the side whenever I do not get to go to class.   For the past three days, although I had planned to do a self-practice, I have given myself excuses why I could not do the self-practice.  I did not even do the stretching poses that I normally do before getting ready to go to work in the morning and I could not even force myself to do even a few sun salutations. 

This evening when I reached home early as there was not much traffic, I did a self-practice before I had my dinner.   It was just something that I wanted to do immediately when I reached home.  Although I could hear a lot of background noise… the TV was on, children were screaming,  someone was hammering… these distractions faded away as I began to practice and  moved from one asana after another using my breath as my focus.

I emerged from the practice feeling energized and a smile on my face.  It felt great that I did not force myself to do the practice. It just came naturally to me as my body and my mind connected and remembers that it is time to do the practice after three days of non-activity.

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Anonymous said...

hmm maybe your practice was teaching you to slow down and take a much needed break? And of course the practice of remembering to come back is always what matters.