Saturday, May 28, 2011

Counting in Sanskrit - Ashtanga Primary Series

My homework before going for the Evolution Yoga Conference in Hong Kong next month is to memorize the counting in Sanskrit as I have signed up for Sharath’s Led Primary Series Class at the Evolution Yoga Conference.   

Although I have heard Azmi doing the count in Sanskrit in his Ashtanga Led classes, I still need to familiarize myself with the counting and linking it to the breath for the vinyasas  as per the example below for Surya  Namaskara A:-

1: ekam (yekum) - Inhale
2: dve (dway) - Exhale
3: trini (treeny) - Inhale
4: catvari (chatwary) - Exhale
5: panca (pancha) - Inhale
6: sat (sut) – Exhale
Hold for 5 breaths
7: sapta (supta) - Inhale
8: astau (ashtow) - Exhale
9: nava (nawa) - Inhale
Samasthiti - Exhale

I managed to find a cheat sheet which contain photos of the poses with the counting in Sanskrit and the breath to take from and will be using it during my practice. 

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