Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Top 10 Requirements of A Competent Yoga Teacher

After reading “The Top 10 Myths About What the Requirements are to be a Competent Yoga Teacher These Days” from Elephant Journal  and having a good laugh over it, it got me thinking about what are my own expectation of a competent yoga teacher. 

Here is My Top 10 Requirements of a Competent Yoga Teacher :-

1.     Compassionate
2.     Not Pretentious and Self-Centered
3.     Good communication skills
4.     Good knowledge of the human anatomy
5.     Ablilty to modify techniques and provide good assists
6.     Strength and flexibility
7.     Consistent self-practice
8.     Willing to share his/her knowledge
9.     Certified Yoga Teacher (not necessarily from Yoga Alliance)
10.   Continuous education by attending workshops 

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