Friday, February 17, 2012

Kino MacGregor's Workshops in Singapore

After hearing from Azmi that Kino MacGregor was coming to Singapore (my neighbouring country), I went to Kino’s website to check on her schedule and what she would be teaching.   

When I found out that she would be doing three workshops which would be held during the last weekend of April and on 1st May which is a public holiday for Labour Day, I posted on my Facebook status  asking if any of my yoga buddies were interested to go to the workshops with me.  

One of my yoga buddies responded and we have both registered for the workshops and have made our flight and hotel bookings.   

I am really looking forward to learning from Kino in person the techniques that she has been posting in her Youtube channel

"Regardless of your intention when you plants the first seeds of your lotus flower the transformative power of this ancient spiritual science works on a deep level of your being.  Many people start yoga for fitness only to find that yoga changes their lives in ways far beyond the physical." - Kino MacGregor (quote from her interview with MindBodyGreen

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