Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Promise of Yoga

I had been having some thoughts about the future which had been affecting me but was determined to push them aside when I went into the Hatha 1.5 class last Friday.  However, when the class started, my mind was still wandering and I almost stumbled when I jumped into Tadasana from Downward Dog during the first Sun Salutation.  

As the class progressed, my mind started to calm down as I focused on my breathing.  And I was able to concentrate and pay attention to Azmi’s instructions to go into the poses which helped me to go deeper.  The chest opening and twisting poses and backbends were just what I needed as it cultivated into awareness of being opened in my relationships and staying in the present moment.  The poses also reminded me that whatever will be will be and to accept that there will be things I need to let go.

As I laid down in savasana, a wave of feelings flooded through me and tears were rolling down my face which I couldn’t control.   When Azmi gave the instructions for us to come out from Savasana, the tears had stopped and I felt so light hearted and relieved.  It was as if a heavy load has been lifted from my chest and I am ready to face whatever changes that may come.

This has always been the promise of yoga for me when I commit myself to the practice; bringing me relieve in times of stress and anxiety and helping me to grow and find inner peace.


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