Saturday, November 3, 2012

Be Free Yoga

I have been going to the Be Free Yoga classes for the past three months and would like to share my experience here.    The Be Free Yoga class uses a fabric hammock to do the yoga poses and it is also known as Fly Yoga or Anti-Gravity Yoga.

The hammock provides support as we stretch our body, joints and hamstrings in the poses.  I find it most helpful in stretching my shoulders as I am able to go deeper using the hammock.  

When I first started I find it quite difficulty to use the hammock as it would swing around while I do the poses and I was also quite apprehensive whether it would break.  After being assured by my teacher that the hammock can carry a load of 1,000 kg, I have become more confident in using the hammock to invert and hang suspended in the air.    

The Be Free Yoga class provides a workout that allows me to stretch and strengthen my body and at the same time the hammock makes it possible for me to achieve some of the challenging and difficult poses which I am not able to do on my own.

Below are some of the poses that we do in the Be Free Yoga class. 

The Be Free Yoga Class is taught by Delphine who is a wonderful teacher and the classes are on Tuesday at 6.30 p.m. and Thursday at 8.00 a.m. at Chi-Fitness, Bangsar Shopping Complex. 


Nicolas Ervin said...

I am set to start my yoga class later this week, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff about it and I feel so thankful for posts like this because I have been learning a lot, especially on the things that I have to focus on once I start. This is a really interesting variety of yoga. It seems like it is very effective and fun at the same time.

Brandon Pepper said...

I really want to give it a try! I’ve been doing the traditional yoga for almost 6 months now, and I really love the advantages I get from it. Indeed, it’s definitely not “sissy!” In fact, I incorporate this type of workout to my regular training program.

Karin said...

Hi Nicolas and Brandon,

Thank you for visiting and leaving your comments..great to hear that you are enjoying your practice. Keep it up and enjoy all the wellness it will bring to your life.

Love and light,

Evelyn Deaton said...

Yoga is really fun. Before, I am the only who was taking up yoga. That’s why it’s really hard for me to share all my activities with my friends, but soon after, they all joined in! :D It’s wonderful because we have something interesting to share other than shopping and chitchats. ;)