Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free trial classes at beyoga

I attended the free trial class which Ninie called “karma yoga” class on Monday and will be going for another class this evening. Lila, another of my favourite teacher besides Azmi, is teaching both the classes. All the trial classes will be held at the poolside in Metropolitan Square as renovation at the beyoga studio has not been completed.

I saw quite a few familiar faces (ex-YZ members) at the class. One of them said that he had stopped practicing yoga since July 2008 but when he found out that beyoga is opening near his neighbourhood (he works and stays at Damansara Perdana), he has no reasons not to continue his yoga practice.

There were also many new faces at the trial class on Monday who are beginners to yoga and they were struggling in some of the poses (it was a Hatha 1 class) but Lila gave us some options for the poses with the child pose as an alternative if anyone needed a rest.

The trial classes at beyoga are from 23 till 31 March 2009 and you can register for the classes online. You can also find out more news and announcement of beyoga’s packages pricing at Ninie’s blog.

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