Thursday, March 5, 2009

Partner Yoga

Yesterday evening private class with Lila was a partner yoga session. My partner was my sister and as we differ in ability, flexibility, weight and height, performing the poses was quite a challenge. The poses involve one partner supporting the other in the poses. Lila made sure that each of us has the opportunity to practice both roles.

I find that partner yoga is about building trust and sensitivity to your partner’s needs. I have to be aware of how my sister feels during the pose, listen to her needs and make sure that I am not hurting her by pulling to hard. At the same time, both of us need to trust each other to be able to go into the poses comfortably.

The poses in partner yoga helped to open up my tight hamstrings, shoulders and hips and through the assistance of my sister, I was able to experience an opening that I wasn’t able to reach on my own. We also used each other's support to keep in correct body alignment for some of the poses.

With Lila’s creativity in introducing the poses, it was a fun session and at the same time helped us to relax and concentrate on the poses.

Click here if you would like to know more about Partner Yoga and here for videos on partner yoga poses.


Anonymous said...


I was wondering where do you practice yoga? I'm currently looking for an affordable place to practice.. but I'm only limited to weekends.. any studios/clubs to recommend?



yoga and wellness said...

Hi Kat

I am presently attending private classes where we pay the teacher RM20/- per class. Only having 2 classes per week on Monday and Wednesday evenings. If you are interested to attend private classes, you can try YinYangYoga
( as she is having a class on Sunday mornings.