Friday, September 5, 2008

That's Yoga @ Damas

I have signed up for the unlimited package for the month of September under That’s Yoga @ Damas. The classes are being conducted by Azmi, Matthew and Lila, who are very good international teachers. There are 3 classes being conducted in the morning and 2 classes in the evening from Monday to Friday. On weekends, there are 2 classes in the morning and 2 classes in the afternoon. The classes include Gentle Flow, Flow 1, Flow 2, Dynamic, Beginners Hatha, Hatha 1, Hatha 2, Pilates, Yogalates, Ashtanga Intro and Ashtanga Led.

The launch for the studio was held on 31/8/08 and quite a number of existing YZ members had already signed up for the unlimited package during the first 2 days. The support from these members shows that they are very confident with the teachers even though YZ Damas is still having classes.

I attended a Hatha 1 class on Monday,1/9 with Matthew, a Flow 1 class with Azmi on 2/9 and a Hatha 2 class with Lila on 3/9. The dedication shown by the teachers in the classes really overwhelmed me; they really paid attention to the students’ alignment and went round making the necessary adjustments for them. Lila even asked if there were any special requests for any of part of the body which needed to be worked on. One member informed that she felt very tired in her shoulders and we had a good workout with poses for opening the shoulders. We even did some partner yoga in the class. I felt very relax after the class and had a good night sleep.

The atmosphere of the class is very good as everyone just want to have a good yoga practice without any worries. I am back to my routine of going for my yoga classes after I finished work and during the weekends, at least for the whole of September.

Anyone interested to join us for the classes can email me for further details.

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Yoga & Wellness said...

Attended Lila's Yogalates class for the first time on Friday and it was really good. She started the class by giving us a stretch band each. We had a good workout doing some pilates and yoga with the assistance of the stretch band. Everyone enjoyed the class and can't wait to attend the next class which was on Saturday. I did not attend the Saturday class but received a sms from one of the practitioners informing that Lila had introduced some new poses for this class and it was a very good class.

I attended Azmi's Dynamic class on Saturday morning. This class is quite challenging for me as there are a number of arm balancing poses. I have still not conquer my fear of falling down especially for the head stand and in this class, we have to do the hand stand also. Anyway, I will not give up and will be going for the next class this coming Saturday.

Tonight, I will be attending Matthew's Ashtanga Led class.

Anonymous said...

Where is "That's Yoga @ Damas" & what's the fee like?

Yoga & Wellness said...

Please email me at and I will forward the details to you.