Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Urban Yoga

I have been contemplating whether I should write about Urban Yoga and decided to give my two cents worth on the subject.

First, Urban Yoga announced that the outlets in Damas and Kepong will be closed for one week for some renovation works but they remained open and no renovations were done. Members who wanted to have a place for their yoga practice were very happy that the outlets remained open even though the condition at the outlets were very dirty with no cleaning being done.

Next, they said that they will start charging fees from 15/9/08 but then decided to give free classes until 1/10/08. This resulted in the classes being packed with more than 30 students in one class. Is everyone going to the outlets to have a good yoga practice or they just want to get all the “free classes” until the end of the month? I heard that one member came all the way from Klang to Damas for the classes.

I have been to the Damas outlet since Urban Yoga took over (not for yoga classes) and noticed that there are no renovations being done, no cleaning being done (hairs all over the place), only 1 hair dryer left in the ladies changing room and some mats are missing in the studios. The atmosphere at the outlet is not the same as I do not get the warm and friendly feeling from the yoga practitioners.

With effect from 1/10/08, Urban Yoga will start charging RM88 per month for ex-Yoga Zone members who wish to continue their practice with them. Will we see an influx of the members joining due to the “cheapest package in the market”? Or will the members boycott Urban Yoga as they feel Urban Yoga is just a "repackaged Yoga Zone"?


Fei said...

Yogazone has created a biggest yoga community in malaysia, and it might be biggest community in SEA.

The windup of YZ has made this community split-up. Some has fed up with yaga, and choose other sports activities.

Some maybe stop doing any sports activities any more.

Some struggle to look for other yoga centers to continue their yoga practice.

The members no longer can continue yoga classes in yogazone, they also lost contact with their practice fellows and teachers. They are definitely missing each others.

The damage from the crisis is profound. Members not only loss their hard earn money, everyone lost the direction to continue their yoga journey now.

Yoga & Wellness said...

Dear Fei

Contrary to what you have written, some of us have actually grown closer with the yoga teachers and our fellow practitioners since the Yoga Zone crisis. We have been giving each other support through our yoga practice especially when we attend the private classes conducted by the yoga teachers. We even had a birthday celebration for Azmi after one of our private classes.

I have actually made more friends during this period as we will ask each other for our phone numbers or email addresses so that we can keep each other updated. Yoga Zone may have created the biggest yoga community but it is just an empty shell when all the members are gone. It is up to the members to form their own network.

Yoga Lover has done a good job in providing the members information on other yoga centres which they can join to continue their yoga practice. As for myself, I am still keeping my options open but I would not hesitate to join Urban Yoga if Azmi and Lila are teaching there.

Please keep practicing and learn to let go.

Om Shanti

Anonymous said...

Urban Yoga drop me an email saying Azmi is not interested in joining them. So........who are the foreign teachers beside Pari and Dr Ameen? Where is Matthew, Lila, Alex and Nanci? Will there rope in anymore foreign teachers? Looking at the line up, most of the teachers are unknown to me as I have not been to their classes before (YZ close)
Anybody can give feedback?

Yoga & Wellness said...

Azmi and Ninie will be opening their own studio in Damansara Perdana in November. Nanci is having her own studio called Yoga Mind in Bandar Manjalara (visit http://www.klyoga.com/2008/09/23/yoga-mind/ for details). Heard that Alex had gone back to Canada.
Lila and Matthew have not confirmed their plans. We have asked Azmi to teach part-time at Urban Yoga but they are not willing to meet one of his terms.

Anonymous said...

Sometime i am not sure whether i am doing right or not if i continue with Urban Yoga... does that put me into the list of fool as they have written on the blogs I have read. They claim that's a satxxxx center and that's really hurt!!!

I consider myself a new yogis and trying to practice yoga to have a healthy mind and health body at the most convenient time 7am for a working mother. Where else can i find a place runs at such time? If there is one, is the venue convenient to me? how much do they charge? can i afford that in the midst of paying bank monthly installment...

I never knew learning yoga can be that painful... why is people not letting it go?? why is the cursing words still appearing in the blogs? Is this going to haunt us for the rest of our yoga life...

I love my daily yoga... I love my teachers... I love the people I meet... God! I only ask to practice yoga in peace.


Yoga & Wellness said...

Dear Itoe

The decision on whether to join Urban Yoga is entirely up to you if joining Urban Yoga allows you to practice with the teachers you love, the timing of the classes suits you and the fees are affordable. Don’t let what is written in the blogs affect your decision. Knowing that you can stop anytime if you are not happy with the management, as you will only be paying the fees on a monthly basis should help to ease your mind.

Practicing yoga brings peace to our mind. If we learn to let go, we will be able to achieve calmness during the yoga practice for us to link our postures with our breathing to benefit fully from the practice.

Om Shanti

Anonymous said...

Dear Karin,
Thank you for your kind advise.

I do yoga with a good soul and good mind and I will attain what I work for in near future!

May yoga bring peace and happiness to all the Yogis!



Anonymous said...

dear karin,is it true that Azmi & Ninie will open a studio? I was interested to know, pls update me the info!

Yoga & Wellness said...

Yes, Azmi and Ninie will be opening their own studio. Please email me at karintwh@gmail.com and I can keep you updated.

Yoga & Wellness said...

Received email from Nanci informing that she will be having private classes at a place in Mont Kiara on Tuesdays and Thursdays morning. Class will start at 8.00 or 8.30 am. (to be confirmed) and will start from 7/10/08. If you are interested, you can email her at yoga.dance.life@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi, Karin,

Why the survey only take into consideration of foreign instructors and not local instructors? It would be interesting to see who are the favorable local instructors?

Lisa said...

Hi Karin,
I read thru ur older posts,and there was one in which u mentioned that ur sister attended yoga classes in SS2,is that Manasa yoga? May I know how r the classes and intructors there? Thanks.

Yoga & Wellness said...

Dear anonymous,

Yoga Zone has so many local teachers. I am still thinking of doing a survey on them but will have to limit the number, may put in those who are more established.. any suggestions?

Dear Lisa

My sister was practicing at Manasa Yoga in SS2, not sure if she is still going there as she is quite busy with her work. Don't know about their classes and instructors as I have never attended any classes there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,
My friend has practised at Manasa Yoga SS2 before and she said that it's very good.

Dear Karin,
Love your blog with its interesting articles!

I totally agree with you on the outcome of YZ crisis. Out of the bad, there has been some good as well. I'm also attending Matthew's private classes at That's Yoga and I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the personal attention given to us during our private practice which we don't normally get in a class of 20 or more. Don't think I'll get used to going back to a crowded class!

The asanas that I normally thought were being done properly were corrected again and again with attention given to the smallest detail.

I also agree that the private sessions have made us closer to the teachers as well as provided us with a venue to get to know other yoga practitioners too. I only wish that I'm able to help the teachers out by getting the monthly unlimited pass but due to work I can't even manage 10 classes!

Finally, I would like to thank Azmi, Matthew & Lila for opening That's Yoga these 2 months AND for being such dedicated teachers. You guys are the BEST! I hope I can continue to attend their classes wherever they choose to teach.