Monday, September 29, 2008

That’s Yoga Remains Open In October

Due to the continuous support of the members, with most of them confirming that they will sign up for the unlimited and monthly passes, That’s Yoga will continue to have classes in October 2008. Classes will commence from 6 October as the studio will be closed for the Hari Raya holidays. There are some changes in the time-table for October from September’s. Yin class is now introduced after Dynamic on Saturday and after Flow2 on Sunday. It’s a perfect compliment to the Yang practice, like Dynamic and Flow. The daily 10.45 am class will be a request class, that means practitioners attending the class can request for a particular class (with everyone’s consent) from the teacher teaching.

The teachers had fun teaching and sharing in a more personalized manner at the studio and hope to see more practitioners joining us at That’s Yoga.

Anyone interested to have more details on the studio and timetable, can email

Since a number of the practitioners wish to continue with their yoga practice during the long 5 days break, the following private classes have been scheduled:

Friday, 3/10/08

9.30 am Flow – Matthew

Saturday, 4/10/08

9.30 am Flow – Lila

A token will be collected for these two days to cover the rental of the studio. You can email me for more details.


Pink Lotus said...


Are the Dynamic and Flow2 open to B/I practitioner as well or just for the advance practitioner only?

Yoga & Wellness said...

Dynamic and Flow2 is an advance class, so the B/I passes cannot be used for these two classes. But if you purchase the unlimited package, you can join the classes.

pink lotus said...


May i know the timetable and the instructor teaching for this weekend at That's Yoga Studio.