Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Mosquito Plant

During my recent trip to Kuantan to visit my cousin who owns a nursery, he gave me a plant that repels mosquitoes. My mum had been complaining that the mosquito sprays purchased from the supermarket and the fogging arranged by the condo management were not effective in getting rid of the mosquitoes.

So, when my cousin told us about the mosquito plant, we were only too glad to accept it from him. The plant has a sweet lemony citronella scent and is easily grown as a potted plant with its attractive foliage. This plant contains citronella oil, the oil is the ingredient necessary for repelling mosquitoes. Citronella has long been used to deter mosquitoes. It doesn't harm them, but they don't like citronella and avoid it.

The other night while I was sleeping in my room, I could hear the buzzing sound of the mosquito near my ear. I decided to pick a few leaves from the mosquito plant and place them in a small plate in my room. It really worked as the mosquito disappeared and I have not been bitten by any mosquitoes since. My mum also picked some leaves and left them in her room and had the same effect.

The leaves are most effective when they are crushed and rub on the skin to act as a repellent as this releases the citronella. As the leaves still maintain a strong fragrance even when they start to wilt, I have placed the drying leaves into a bowl and place them in my living room.


mang0 said...

I had one of this too, but died soon after my mum gave it to me :( Every plant I took care sure die...

Anonymous said...

Do you know the name of the plant?

yoga and wellness said...

This is the info I found about the plant on the net.

Name: Citronella Geranium "Mosquito Plant"
Botanical Name: Pelargonium species

Heard from a friend that it is being sold at RM7 per pot.