Monday, December 15, 2008

Throat-Control (Ujjayi) Breathing

There are various ways to control and refine your breathing in yoga. Throat-control breathing is particularly useful because you can use it throughout your yoga practice. By making a soft sound in your throat, only audible to yourself, you become more conscious of whether your breath is smooth and regular or becoming focused and rushed.

1.Open your mouth and make a “ha” sound with your breath rather than with your voice as you breath out.

2.Now close your mouth, and try to make the “ha” sound with your breath. You will find yourself making a soft hissing sound in your throat.

3.Throughout your yoga practice, except when you are resting, always breathe through your nose.

4.To begin with, try to make this hissing sound loudly each time you exhale.

5.As you become more familiar with the technique of throat-control breathing, you can work more quietly and also add the sound to your inhalation.

6.Use ujjayi breathing as much as you can in all your practice. You will soon find it natural to use it all the time.

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