Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hatha 1 with Lila at Beyoga

Yesterday’s Hatha 1 class with Lila was wonderful! I have always enjoyed going to Lila’s class as she would incorporate poses to open up our bodies especially for the shoulder and hips.

The class started with us doing a variation of the sun salutation with our thumbs locked as we do the forward bend. By locking our thumbs, it helps to open up the shoulders as we bend. There were stretching of the hamstrings in downward dog as well as the quadriceps during the lunges in Warrior 1. The upward dog pose helps to strengthen our back muscles and Lila asked us to place two blocks under our thighs to help us lift our torso off the mat.

Towards the end of the class, Lila asked us to go to the mirrors which act as the wall for the poses. We were asked to do a modified version of downward dog with our arms extended out to touch the mirror. This pose help to stretch our hamstrings but I could feel the stretch at my shoulders as well as I have tight shoulders. We also did the triangle pose and the half moon pose at the mirrors which really helped to open the hips. I find doing the half moon pose at the mirror helped me to balance in the pose. As I pressed my foot against the mirror, it helped to keep me steady as I turned my torso up and raised my arm and turned my head to gaze at my raised arm. We did a couple of other poses using the mirrors as a prop and finished the class with the resting pose with either our legs raised up or with our heels pressed together against the mirrors.

The renovation at Beyoga is fully completed and the studio is now operating with four classes in the morning and four classes in the evenings on weekdays and four classes during the weekends. The teachers presently teaching are Azmi, Ninie and Lila but they will be getting a few teachers to join them. If you are interested to try out the classes at Beyoga, they are offering RM30 off for the 1st class, you just need to pay RM8 for the class! You can check out their time-table and book your class online at Beyoga website. Lockers and shower facilities are available but you have to bring your own towels.

(pictures from The Yoga Instructor Diaries)

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