Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Special Karma Yoga Class

In conjunction with Mother’s Day, this Sunday’s FREE Karma Yoga class at Beyoga to be led by Azmi will be a light open hearted practice in tribute to all mothers.

The Karma Yoga class is open to everybody and Azmi would like to invite all mothers or mothers-to-be and anyone who wants to dedicate this special day to their mothers to come and practice with him.

The class is for beginners and the postures are all heart opening postures to fill it up with the love of the mother we know who is still alive or who has left us. You can also bring along a piece of memento to channel your energy and focus your intention as we embrace the gift of love of a mother.

You can register for the class online at Beyoga website or call tel no. 03-77286182/77296182.

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yoga and wellness said...

The Special Mother’s Day Karma Class today was wonderful! The opening heart poses symbolized our gratitude and thanks to our mothers. Namaste, Azmi.