Monday, September 14, 2009

Cracked Heel, Foot Scrub and Foot Massage

For the past few days, I have been having a cracked heel on my right foot. I noticed that my heels have cracks ever since I started to wear open-toe shoes. I used to wear pumps with stockings to work and never have problem with my heels. But I could not resist wearing the open-toe sandals as I find them comfortable (and prettier) and they are better for my toes which need not be cooped inside a pair of pumps all day. However, the disadvantage of wearing sandals is that the open-backed style can caused cracked heels due to worn and weathered skin.

A regular and diligent routine (which I have not been doing, resulting in the cracked heel) of filing the skin on the heels to get rid of those dry and dead cells first before applying the moisturizing lotion would help to keep the heels in good condition. A good product to use for cracked heels is Ellgy Plus (I used it for two days and my cracked heel have healed).

A good foot care routine would also include using a foot scrub to exfoliate and soften rough and dry patches on the foot. I have been using a home-made foot scrub given to me by Lila (she made it herself) which contains sea salt and essential oils. The essential oils in the foot scrub are antiseptic and they provide a little aromatherapy while I pamper my feet.

At the Karma Yoga class yesterday, Lila gave us a nice surprise by teaching us how to give ourselves a foot massage before we went into our poses as the theme for the class was balancing. The patting, stroking and rubbing massage helped to stimulate the nerve endings in the sole of the foot and increase blood circulation. After the foot massage, I could feel the difference in my standing poses as I felt more grounded.

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