Saturday, September 19, 2009

Self Practice

Beyoga will be closed for four days for the raya holidays which meant I will have to do a self-practice to continue with my daily yoga practice. This is the thought which came to my mind when I woke up this morning. So I took out my yoga mat and sat silently in easy pose for a few minutes before going into the poses. My practice consisted of doing five rounds of Sun Salutation A, two rounds of Sun Salutation B, Warrior 1 & 2, Reverse Warrior, One Legged Dogward Dog on each side, One Legged Plank on each side, some sitting and twisting poses, bridge pose and ended with Savasana. Although it was a 30 minutes practice.I felt energized when I finished the practice and I realized that I was more aware of my breathing as I was counting my breaths while holding the poses.

It felt good that I have made the effort to do the self-practice as it meant that I have done something which I have been thinking of doing. I have been reading the book “Follow Your Heart” written by Andrew Matthews and there is a chapter on “Make a Start!” It is about making a start by doing things, not thinking about them as action gets us excited and we will only get the energy and enthusiasm after we begin doing something.

I know that I will be doing the self-practice tomorrow as I have make the start to get myself motivated.

"When you care about what you do, enthusiasm carries you though"

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Jennifer said...

I admire your dedicated practice. How I wish I could be more determined with my home practice like you. Thanks for your blog, I'm inspired once again...