Monday, January 25, 2010

A fun-filled Beyoga Open Day

It was an event not to be missed! Beyoga Open Day last weekend was a fun-filled event, and I think everyone who was there left with a smile on their face whether it was from attending the free yoga classes with three great teachers; Azmi, Ninie and Lila, or winning a prize from the lucky draw, or accomplishing a 1-min headstand and winning a 1 month unlimited membership or just being there!

On Saturday, I attended the free Yoga Dance class with Lila where she led us to an energetic routine, dancing to heart-pumping music which gave us a good cardiovascular workout.

Before the class, there was a partner yoga performance by Azmi and Ninie followed by a lucky draw for Beyoga members. I did not win anything but my sister won a Adidas headband.

The big event on Saturday was the Yoga-ta Limbo competition where the person who did the lowest limbo without knocking the limbo bar down wins a 1-Year Unlimited Membership worth RM1,988. The greatest surprise came when the last person left in the competition besides Ninie was a stylist who was part of the shooting crew from Project Alpa. Everyone was cheering him on as Ninie was the only one left to protect the grand prize as well as salvaging the pride of the yoga teachers who were out of the competition after a few rounds going under the bar. In the end, it was Ninie who was the “last one standing” as she managed to limbo under the bar and set a Yoga-ta Limbo record at 0.51 meters.

Sunday was a very rewarding day for me as I managed to accomplish a 1-min headstand (half headstand which also counts!) with 17 other people in the same room. All 18 of us won a 1-month unlimited membership.

I also won a pair of Adidas shoes by Stella McCartney during the lucky draw for members (lady luck was shining on me, wohoo!)

Thank you Beyoga for organizing such a great event!

You can also read and see more pics at Jojo Struys Blog. Jojo is the host of Project Alpha Season 2, a collaborative project between Nuffnang and Kyanite TV.

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