Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 7 Challenge - Chest Opener on the Wall

Today's Yoga Challenge is Chest Opener pose on the wall.

Chest openers ward off depression, strengthen the immune system and keep the breath strong and vital. The legs are also given a good stretch. Tapping over the breastbone activates the thymus gland which produces 65-75% of the lymphosites in the body. Lymphosites work to consume unhealthy bacteria and viruses in the body.

This pose can be done by first placing your palm flat on the wall. Bend into the front knee until an opening is felt in the chest or shoulder nearest the wall. For a deeper stretch, you can change the hand position so that the back of the hand is on the wall, not the palm. To do this, simply rotate the thumb away behind you, turning the arm out and pressing the back of the hand to the wall. If you have shoulder injuries, you can keep the arm lower.

Open yourself to your best self by going to the Yoga Bear website to watch the video and do the pose.

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