Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 8 Challenge - Lunges

Today's yoga challenge pose is Lunges

Lunges strengthens and tones the legs and back. It also softens the groin and hip muscles, releasing tension. The high lunge stretches and strengthens the lower body while the low lunge opens up the chest, hip, stretches the spine and upper body. The Kneeling Crescent Moon lunge helps to tone and strengthen the muscles in the arms and shoulders.

Some tips when doing the lunge

Do not bring the front knee forward of the ankle. This may lead to knee and ankle injuries.

If you Feel pain or pressure on the knee, place a folded towel or roll your mat under your knee as it rests on the floor.

When you do the Crescent Moon you can interlock your fingers if your shoulders are not very flexible. This will allow the arms to stretch back further.

Watch the video at Yoga Bear website. and surrender yourself to the pose.

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