Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do You Exercise Enough?

Answer the following questions with a yes or no. If you answer more yes than no to most of the questions, the greater your need to incorporate an exercise routine into your daily life.

1.Do you regularly watch more than 3 hours of television?
2.Do you do less than 20 minutes of moderate, physical activity such as walking, gardening per day?
3.Do you do less than 45 minutes of mid-level activity such as yoga, swimming, jogging twice a week?
4.Do you get out of breath easily when walking?
5.Do you prefer to drive short distance (half a mile or less) rather than walking?
6.Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
7.Are you overweight?
8.Do you suffer from non-injury related aches or pains?
9.Do you often find yourself feeling irritable?
10.Do you feel you need more exercise? Answer honestly!

Place the first two fingers of your hand on the inside of your opposite wrist just under the crease and below the large pad at the base of your thumb. Press gently until you can find your pulse. Start counting the beats with the first beat counting as zero. Count the pulse for 10 seconds, then multiply the number you get by six to get your resting heart per minute. Check the chart below to find your approximate fitness level. If you score a “poor”, you may need to do more exercise.

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