Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My "ECO" Yoga Mat

Recently, I bought a new yoga mat over the internet. I was surfing the net when I came across the "Earth-Friendly" ECOmat™ listed in Crescent Moon website. Crescent Moon is a company that produces Yoga products that are innovative, functional and stylish.

What attracted me to the "Earth-Friendly" ECOmat™ is that it has a very innovative feature – it is a folding mat!

If you have been practicing for awhile you know that most mats develop edges that curl up and can get in your way. The reason these edges curl is because you have to 'roll' the mat up to transport and store it. By designing a foldable mat, they have eliminated the curled edges and kept the top surface of the mat cleaner as the top surface never comes in contact with the bottom due to the way the mat folds. With regular mats, every time you roll up the mat the dust and dirt from the bottom of the mat touches the top.

The "Earth-Friendly" ECOmat™ is made from patented TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) foam which is non-hypoallergenic. The mat is fully bio-degradable and no toxins were produced in its production and the mat is 100% PVC free!

I received the mat about one week after I placed my order. The mat had to be shipped from USA as it is not available at Crescent Moon’s regional office in Singapore.

I have been using the ECO mat for more than a week now and found that the printed bamboo patterned micro-channel grooves do provide a better grip for my poses. I had been facing problems with my previous mat especially for the “downward dog” pose where my hands kept sliding due to the poor traction.

I am happy with the mat as it folds for easy storage and it is very lightweight (no need to lug a heavy mat while climbing the stairs to attend classes at That’s Yoga 3rd Floor studio) and it is very easy to keep clean.


Anonymous said...

wow, I must try your mat. Please let me try in the next class we meet.


pink lotus said...

how much is the mat?

Yoga & Wellness said...

I paid about USD80 inclusive of shipping charges for the mat.

mang0 said...

Creative and useful indeed, but expensive...

Anonymous said...

Hi,does anyone know where i can get the black manduka mat(in KL) and how much would it cost?Tq.