Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rainy Days and Mosquitoes

For the past few days, it has been raining every evening in KL. As usual when it rains, going home is a hassle as the traffic will be very bad and some roads will be flooded. Even though I am going for my yoga classes after work, the traffic is still quite bad after I finished my class at 8 pm, especially to Cheras, even though the Loke Yew road has been widen. Anyway, this post is not about traffic jams.

Do you notice that there are more mosquitoes after it rains? My mom watches TV in the living room and has been complaining about the mosquitoes; one night she managed to hit four mosquitoes within a few minutes. I am staying on the 7th Floor and am wondering how high the mosquitoes can fly. Can anyone staying on the higher floors tell us if there are mosquitoes flying into their apartments?

For many of us, being bitten by the mosquito is quite common but there is also a fear that it will lead to dengue fever. My brother was hospitalized for a few days after there was a drastic drop in his blood platelet count. My mom boiled bitter gourd and frog soup for him to drink everyday as she was told that this is an effective remedy to cure dengue as it soothes the body. He was released from the hospital when his blood platelet count went back to normal. A few of my friends who were suspected to have dengue fever, also drank the soup and got better.

There is no harm in trying this remedy as there are no side effects, besides going to the hospital to do a blood test to check your blood platelet count if you suspect you have dengue fever. Normally, the doctor will tell you to rest and drink lots of liquid. You also have to take a daily blood count to make sure the count does not drop. If it continues to drop, you may have to a blood transfusion.

How to make the bitter gourd and frog soup? Well, cut up one bitter gourd and boil with three whole frogs. Use 8 bowls of water and boil till you get 3 bowls over low heat and season with a little salt.

Anyway, I will be asking my condo management office when they are going to arrange to fog the building as it is an effective way to get rid of the mosquitoes.

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un saluto dalla sardegna italy.... noi siamo tutti sportivi....