Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That's It for That's Yoga @ Damas

That’s Yoga @ Damas will be having classes until Friday, 31 October 2008. The studio will not be operating in November as the landlord has found a tenant to rent the premises on a longer lease.

That’s Yoga @ Damas has been receiving good response as we have been having some new yogis joining us for the classes this month. What a pity, that the studio has to stop operations as Azmi had planned to continue the classes in November.

Anyway, that’s life; there are some things we can’t control but we must not let them stop us from going forward. I am very glad that Azmi, Lila and Matthew have their own plans and I am sure with their dedication, they will be very successful in their endeavours.

For those of you who would like to know where the teachers will be; well, Azmi and Ninie will be opening their studio “Be Yoga Sanctuary” at Damansara Perdana which is scheduled to start operations in December 2008. The studio will be offering yoga classes and Esalen massage.

Lila will be heading a new studio “Inner Yoga” which is located at The Summit in Subang Jaya, opening in November 2008; while Matthew will continue to teach at Urban Yoga.

As for myself, I am still keeping my options open and am looking for fellow practitioners who are interested to join private classes conducted by Azmi and Lila. Those of you who are interested, can email me at karintwh@gmail.com so that I can arrange with the two teachers for private classes in November. I am also looking for a place for the classes to be held, preferably near Damas area, so if anyone got a place, please email me.

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