Thursday, November 20, 2008

Get a FREE dress online

Too good to be true? So, I check out the website IrenelimFashion to see what it is all about.

Well it seems, I need to write a short review of the online fashion store in my blog. But what has a fashion store got to do with my blog which is about yoga and wellness.

Well, I went thru the dresses in the website and noted that there are T-shirts which you can wear for your yoga class unless you are one of those fashionable yogis who only wear branded yoga clothing for your practice. The T-shirts look comfortable enough for you to do your asanas and they can also be worn for outings.

Malaysia Online Fashion has lots of other clothing for office, dinner and casual wear. The pricing is very reasonable as the dresses are sourced from various suppliers including those from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. The owner has also assured on the quality of the dresses as they are hand picked and viewed by her before they are put on the website.

Irenelim Fashion
Well, I hope I get a free dress as Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

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