Thursday, November 6, 2008

Private Yoga Classes

For this month, I have decided to join Lila’s private classes on Wednesday evening and Azmi’s Thursday evening and the weekend morning private classes.

I attended Lila’s 90 minutes Yogalates class yesterday and we had a really good workout as she did poses to open up our shoulders as well as some hip-opener poses. Lila is a very good teacher as she will ask us how hard we want to workout and what we need before the start of the class every time we attend her class. She will use the equipment inside the room as props to help us in our poses. As the class was held in a club house, there were two sofas in the room, she asked us to lie down on the sofa with our heads hanging from the side. (Sorry, no picture to show as all of us were doing the pose, maybe next time, we can get Lila to take the picture) The pose helps to open up the shoulders and she told us that we can do it at home on our sofa or bed.

The advantage of going for private classes is that the class is very small (there were only five of us yesterday) and the teacher can give us individual attention as she knows the problem each of us are having, e.g. tight hips, tight hamstrings, lower back pain. Lila would go round to each student for some of the poses and pressed our hip or back to help us go deeper in the pose. All in all, it was a very good class and all of us are looking forward to next Wednesday class.

"You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state" - Sharon Gannon


Anonymous said...

Oh good! Will probably see u in Azmi's class on Thur evenings (poolside right?). I was quite happy to see that Yogababy managed to get Azmi for our private classes by the pool.


harrynana said...

Thomas, Felix and other Yogaloft instructors will be having yoga performance at One Utama (new wing if not mistaken) on

8-Oct-08 (Sat): 2:30PM & 5:30PM
9-Oct-08 (Sun): 2:30PM & 5:30PM

You may see a picture of felix & thomas performing natarajasana @

harrynana said...


8th Nov 2008(Sat): 2:30pm & 7:30pm
9th Nov 2008(Sun): 2:30PM & 7:30pm

yogababy said...


It was good to see you today for yoga. I would be interested to read what you have to say about the practice and the venue's environment for yoga.