Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yoga In Mid-Air

These are some yoga moves you can do without leaving your seat when you need to stretch to relieve stress and mid-air kinks in the air-plane. Remember to breathe deeply through your nose.

Hands in the Air

While seated, interlock your fingers and on an inhale raise your hands above your head, stretching your upper body and arms skywards. When you exhale, drop your shoulders down while keeping your hand upstretched. Stay here for five to ten breathes. Release on an exhale.

Arms Origami

This posture will release tension through the shoulders and neck – perfect after falling asleep upright.

Stretch your right arm in front of you at shoulder height. Then take the left arm under the right arm so that the left elbow is nestled under the right. Bend elbows and grasp hands together. Extend your hands and elbows upwards on an inhale and release shoulders down on the exhale while keeping both arms up. Hold for five to ten breathes. Repeat, starting with the left arm.

For more yoga asanas while travelling, click the link to read the article on Airplane Yoga and Ease travel fatigue with yoga: these poses will energize you once you reach your destination - Yoga notebook: better health through movement
Natural Health, Dec, 2002, by Rachel Schaeffer

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